Successfully left the house! Finally. And saw the godmother of punk.

I’m actually really proud of myself tonight.

The past two days in a row, I attempted to leave the house quite unsuccessfully.

But tonight I left the house with my mom, and even went to a concert.

Not just any concert.

I saw a punk rock rock n’ roll legendary goddess.

I want to tell you who I saw, but I feel like it would give away where I am, and I’m still kind of apprehensive about giving *too many* details as to who I am and where I live. I guess it didn’t help that I uploaded a profile picture. And I’m starting to not really care who finds my blog. Not many people read it anyway.

But it was really nice. I did get panicky a few times. The concert was only a few blocks from my house, so it was within my general comfort range, which is very small. I had fun dancing, and I got to sing along to some amazing songs that I grew up with.

And I got a signed CD.

Fuck it, I saw Patti Smith tonight.

Hell yeah.

And she was incredible.

Maybe you’ve heard this one. Horses is my favorite album by her… and I got a signed CD. Thank you for reading ❤ Artemis



Feeling awfully stagnant and stuck. Have been playing this song a lot. It strikes a chord with me. I feel stuck physically, mentally, emotionally. I feel stuck in my house. I leave once a week, usually. I missed my weekly social gathering due to this awful cold… I feel like my relationship isn’t moving. My boyfriend has extreme depression. He just curls up in a ball and doesn’t want to be touched, looked at, or talked to. It’s frustrating, but I can understand at least on some level because I’ve dealt with a lot of depression… mostly existential depression I think. Anyway, I mostly just wanted to post this song. Thanks for listening. ❤ Artemis