Panic Attack Cured by Tetris

I had a panic attack today, at home. I was relieved that it didn’t last a horribly long time. I don’t even know what set it off, other than I had an upset stomach and was kind of stressed out from a conversation I’d had with my mother earlier in the day.

I was just sitting on my bed, realized I was hungry, went to go find food, and just got really confused, nauseous and dizzy. I kind of stumbled around the kitchen, breathing quickly and feeling that awful terror feeling rising up in my being. I was so caught off guard by the feeling, that I just went into instant panic mode.

I began to feel so unreal.

My mind started looping, wondering why I’m a human being, why human beings exist, etc. etc.

Existential spiral.

Wondering what my purpose on the planet is.

Wondering if I’m losing my mind.

Spiraling, in loops, in circles.

Too many questions, not enough answers.

I ate some lentil soup, and played Tetris to try to make myself stop thinking.

It worked.

I calmed down.

I don’t like that I had a panic attack today, but I am glad that I was able to make it go away with some effort.

So, I started reading “No Exit” By Jean-Paul Sartre tonight.

I’m really enjoying it so far.

Hell is other people.

– Jean-Paul Sartre

Thanks for reading. ❤ Artemis


One thought on “Panic Attack Cured by Tetris

  1. My sister has told me games on the computer are perfect to help with anxiety. Usually I am always writing my stories. I like to play PS2 Football game that helps when stressed and anxious. I hate the anxiety that comes on for no reason. I feel the normal bad anxiety when you open up to a friend to strengthen and enrich your friendship. It’s scary for anyone to put themselves out there but I opened up to a couple friends and we strengthened our friendship but I had that anxiety linger for days although I trust them and know they will never judge.

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