Kiss Me Deadly at the Harbor

I’ve been sick as hell the past two days. I’ve been irritable to no end, and kind of an emotional mess. I also missed my weekly outing last night due to having a fever and being sicker than I’ve been in a long time. Kind of a bummer. But I did get out of the house this week so I guess it’s okay.

Last week I started feeling like I needed to get out of the house really badly. It was like two in the morning, and I had my boyfriend drive us to the harbor, where an old gazebo I used to hang out at when I was in high school used to stand. Instead it had been torn down, but there was a little platform where it used to be, and you can see all the boats in the harbor and the ocean. Some of the boats still had the sails stringed with Christmas lights. It was freezing cold, but my boyfriend brought a pair of speakers and his iPod, and we blasted Generation X and swing danced. It was really nice.

I haven’t been to the beach in ages. I love the beach. I can hear the waves crashing every night outside my window, it’s that close. Probably a ten minute walk or so. But I haven’t been able to walk there in over a year. I would very much like to watch to the beach again someday. It used to be something I did every day. Now I feel like I’d collapse and die if I ever tried it on my own.

I need to stop writing because my space bar stopped working and adding the spaces between these words is verging on maddening. Thank you for reading. ❤ Artemis


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