Things Taste Weird When You Stop Smoking


So I’ve stopped smoking so many cigarettes. By “so many,” I mean I’ve gone from a pack a day to a pack a week, and have been mostly using e-cigarettes. It’s funny because when I bought the e-cigarette starter kit, I didn’t fully intend to quit smoking. I figured I’d just see how it went. You know, see if I liked it. And I do. Vaping is kind of awesome. I really enjoy being able to test out different flavors and stuff. I think I spent ten hours or so researching various brands. I finally settled on Halo. They’re pretty awesome. The battery life on them is great, on top of being able to get batteries in all kinds of different colors.

So basically, I found that I enjoy vaping more than smoking. It also looks cooler to me. It makes me feel like I’m living in the future.

One of the weird ass side effects of this, has been that now I can taste things fantastically. I’ve also discovered that I don’t entirely enjoy how most things taste. Oh, and my mouth is dry a lot, so I have to drink more water than I normally do. It’s funny because quitting smoking has been high on my to-do list for a very long time… I just never really got around to it. It also raised my anxiety levels through the roof. I’ve been saying for years, “I’ll quit when I stop having panic attacks.” Oddly enough, I found a way to do it pretty painlessly… and it feels natural and enjoyable.

Speaking of other things I’ve purchased lately… I got my first Lootcrate, and it was awesome. I got a sweet Zelda shirt, and was especially happy with the “Don’t go alone, take this” bottle opener key chain. But then, I’m a giant dork.



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